Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Israeli Chief Rabbinate cuts ties with Israeli government...


But it would make about as much sense as what they actually did this week in cutting ties with the Vatican.  Here is why:

The Rabbinate cut ties with the Vatican in order to protest the reinstating of a Holocaust denier as bishop.  The bishop had previously been excommunicated along with several others for rebelling against the Roman Church.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the Rabbinate cutting ties with the Vatican.  I don't think there ever should have been any ties with a body that has tortured, expelled and in every way possible persecuted Jews at every chance it got throughout history.  It is very nice that they held Vatican II in the 60's and declared that they no longer believe that all Jews are doomed to Hell.  In my book, that is a tiny step in the right direction, but nowhere near sufficient.  (I would like to see something in the order of sever billion dollars payed annually to the State of Israel as reparations for all of the damage to body and property that the Church did to Jews over the millenia.  Then I would consider their apology to be perhaps sincere.)

What I don't understand one bit, is why this action triggered the Rabbinate to cut ties.  Mahmoud Abbas is after all an unapologetic Holocaust denier.  The government of Israel took him from being considered a terrorist, and now props him up over and over again as the 'peace partner'.  Our government gives guns to terrorist, and lets thousands of terrorist out of jail, just to prop up this Holocaust denier so that we can hand him our historic, Biblical homeland on a silver platter.  

If recognizing a Holocaust denier, is more of a reason to cut ties with an entity than thousands of years of persecution, then the Chief Rabbinate had better cut ties with the State of Israel ASAP.

For those of you who use your brain to think I would like to suggest a different approach.  How about we cut ties with the Vatican because they are a vile body that has brought only pain and suffering to our people.  Then we cut ties with H.D.  Abbas because he is a Holocaust denier and we should have nothing to discuss with him.  Then we get back to what we need to be doing as a people.  That is building our nation and making it strong on the land that God has given to us after 2,000 years that we didn't have any means to do so because of people like the Pope and H.D. Abbas.

Pope Ratzinger as a young man giving Nazi salute.

One of H.D. Abbas' poor, suffering subjects.


  1. Well put.

    Really, just exactly how should we be expected to relate to a religion which uses as its symbol a graphic, three-dimensional representation of a Jew being tortured to death? {I believe the credit for first voicing this observation belongs to Rav Meir Kahane of blessed memory, HY"D}

  2. I like to call it the 'god on a stick religion'.