Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moshe Feiglin - What now?

I have been following Moshe Feiglin for several years now.  The more I observe him, the more I come to believe that he and his way are the only viable political solution for Israel's future (of course I will take Moshiach over him any day).

I have posted a couple of times about the struggle for him to keep the #20 slot that he earned in the Likud primary.  I also correctly predicted (as did Feiglin himself) that the High court would not uphold the ruling of the lower court which restored his slot to him.

The question for us who support him is, "What now?"  I just read the latest political update over at his website.  After reading it, I am more convinced than ever before that his way is the correct one.  I encourage every citizen of Israel who cares about the issues that I speak about on this blog, to go out and register for Likud so that we can put Feiglin at the head of the party the next time around.

Now for something totally different... 

I don't know about you, but I always assumed that Moshe Feiglin was a short, mousy looking type of guy.  This was the one thing that worried me.  Short polititians historically don't do well. I was priviliged to meet Moshe a year ago and was suprised to see that he is about 6' 4" (that is a rough estimate.  I am about 5' 10' and he is a full head taller than me).  I tried to explain to him that he needs to make sure that in all of his PR material, he is show standing near average size people so that the public will see that he is actually a very tall person.  

It may seem trivial, but the fact is that most people make their political choices based on such trivial factors.  There is no reason for him not to capitalize on any margin it might add for him.


  1. "Short polititians historically don't do well"
    I'm a french jew and I can give you a couple of counter-example ! Napolean in the past, and current president Nicolas Sarkozy whose opponents keep making (non-funny) jokes about his height.

  2. Of course 2 examples in a span of over 200 years, a span of time during which hundreds of thousands of politicians have served the world over, does nothing to disprove my proposition. Especially since one of them was a dictator.

    And the fact that everybody makes such a big deal about Sarkozy just lends weight to what I am saying. People sense that it is very unusual for a short person to be elected. That is why they won't stop talking about it. If it were commonplace, people would not even notice.