Thursday, January 1, 2009

What about Collateral Damage?

You might be surprised to find out that a fire-breathing, right wing, wacko extremist like myself is concerned with civilian deaths in Gaza. Well I am. Let me first reference two thoughtful post on this issue and then I will throw in my two cents.

DovBear: War (what is it good for?)(Absolutely nothing!)

The important quote here is:

Here's the thing: I agree that Israel should destroy the rockets, and the crews who launch them. I'm prepared to accept some collateral damage among ordinary Arabs in order to achieve this aim. I support the right of a sovereign nation to protect its citizens which is why I supported the war on Afghanistan, and also the war in Iraq before it became common knowledge that Bush had lied to the country about Iraq's capacity to harm us. My support for the war on Hamas only falters when I consider the likely results of Israel's action: More furious, impoverished Arabs; more anger; more intractibility; less international support; the increased liklihood that Hezbollah, Iran or Israel's own Arab citizens will throw in their lot with Hamas. If any of that happens, the war was a step backwards, not forward.

Mystical Paths: Gaza points-Gag me with a spoon.

His point is:
(AFP) At least 25% of Palestinians killed during Israel's massive offensive in the Gaza Strip have been civilians, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said on Wednesday.

This is sad, but it means in "the most densely populated area in the world" where the bad guysplace their bases, ammunition, and firing positions inside civilian buildings (that's an international war crime by the way), the Israeli Air Force has successfully killed Hamas combantants75% right on target. That's got to be the most accurate bombing in world history! Seriously impressive.

Important housing hint for Gazans...when your neighbors are masked men loading missile launchers in their windows, it may be a good idea to move to a new apartment.

I have to say that they both make excellent points. (Although, every time I hear a Brooklyn Jew like DovBear say anything about Israel with such certainty, it makes me a bit sick in the stomach. )

As long as Israel continues to take half-measures, then no matter how accurate our bombing may be, we are acting immorally. We are acting immorally towards our boys and toward the Arab enemy.

The moral answer is to wage a moral war. A war who's goal is to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. That is to eject the Arab threat from our land altogether. Such a war will have a lot of casualties all at once and then will be finished. When all is said and done though, there will be less death an both sides. Also, and perhaps more importantly, we will not be in the position of being custodian to a people who want to destroy us. A position that is fraught with uncounted moral problems intrinsic to it.

We need transfer now!

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