Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The benevolent Vatican, what would we do without them?

It has taken most of the day to let my stomach settle before I could write this post. I think I am ready now.

Why do some Jews have such a deep rooted need to pander to the Gentiles? It seems that the more bent on destroying us a given nation or religion is, the more such Jews feel honored to bend over forward to appease them. If said nation/religion has a well established history of killing and torturing Jews, it is an even bigger Mitzvah in their eyes.

This seems to be the case with Lenny Ben-David. In an OpEd for (also posted on his blog) from this morning, he is very excited about the news that the Vatican will be publishing a catalog of its stolen Hebrew manuscripts.

He first mentions the fact that over the centuries the Vatican systematically banned and burned hundreds of thousands of Jewish books (and often their owners with them as you can see in the illustration above) and stole many others for their archives so that their priest could study them in and effort to refute them. He then rules that by cataloging 800 of the stolen manuscripts, the Vatican has taken "a big step to atone for this cultural crime."


Like I wrote a few days ago, I don't understand why we have anything to do with the Vatican. These are evil people who have tortured and massacred Jews for centuries. I don't know if there is anything that they can do to make up for it. But I am a reasonable person and if the Vatican would, say, pay annual reparations to the State of Israel... something in the high hundreds of millions or low billions range, and then turn over all of the Jewish artifacts and manuscripts that they have in their vaults to the Israel Museum, I might be inclined to think that they were sincere in their regret for their past actions. But this kind of insulting gesture should be met with a spit in the face!

Do you really want to be sick to your stomach? Take a look at this quote from Mordechay Lewy, ambassador to the Vatican:
...the manuscripts -- dating from the ninth century to the present day -- document "the history of the relationship of the Vatican and the Jewish community" as well as highlight the importance of the written word for "preserving and passing on knowledge from generation to generation, guaranteeing the continuity of the tradition and the survival of Jewish identity."

Jews like these need to grow a pair! Stop pandering to the Pope, the Germans, the UN, and the terrorists, get a gun, move to Judea and have a bunch of kids. That is what the Jewish people needs if it is going to survive.


  1. too bad you didn't read Ben-David's column before you attacked him. He writes about the Inquisition, the theft and burning of Jewish books and the Vatican's crimes. Why is that "pandering" and "bending over?" FYI, Iknow the Ben-David family. They live in Judea and served in combat units. Did you?

  2. It is actually too bad that you didn't read my post before you commented on it.

    If you would do me the honor of reading it, you will see that I made note of the fact that Mr. Ben-David listed the crimes of the Vatican. My criticism of him is that he is way to excited about the fact that the Vatican released a CATALOG of manuscripts that they stole from us! They didn't even release the actual manuscripts and Mr. Ben-David calls this,"a big step to atone for this cultural crime."

    I do not have the benefit of knowing the Ben-David family as you do. I am sure that if I got to know him personally, I would come to the conclusion that he is a really great guy who just said something idiotic.