Friday, January 2, 2009

Right on!

Worth watching!

h/t Shilow Musings

Right after posting this I realized that DovBear actually posted it earlier than Silow Musings. He also adds the following commentary:
In this clip, Greg Jarret demonstrates extreme bias and a complete lack of professionalism. I think he's mostly right on the facts, but that isn't the way a serious newsman wins arguments, or makes his network seem credible. Those looking for proof that Fox's news is unrealibly slanted now have their smoking gun. To claim that this shows Fox is the most pro-Israel news network, is to strip the word "news" of all meaning and to equate reporting with cheering. Now, let me be clear: I don't deny that Buttu is an apologist, nor do I claim she was telling the truth, but if Jarett wants to behave rudely and dismissively towards apologists liars he should become a blogger.

I can't believe that the usually smart (for a heretic) DovBear could so miss the point on this one.
Here is the real point. The woman being interviewed is lying through her teeth as part of a Palestinian propaganda operation. Most reporters just let people like her get away with it in the holy name of 'journalism'. Jarret realizes that the only way to be a true journalist in this case and report the facts is to expose the fact that she is a propagandist. A true journalist will not let a propagandist spew lies without exposing them.


  1. The journalist didn't "expose" the lies, which was my objection to his behavior. He was merely rude and dismissive. Had he given her the Meet the Press treatment instead of snorting at her derisivly and cutting her off, he'd have done much more good.

  2. Oh, and if I'm a "heretic" so were the rishonim.

  3. 1. Perhaps we aren't discussing the same video. In the video that I watched, the journalist pointed out the fact that Hamas, is using civilian buildings to hide terrorist, and that that is the only reason that there are any civilian casualties at all.
    2. You are indeed a kofer. No doubt you can find a source for every idea that you write in rishonim. What you will not find is a single rishon who espouses ALL of the extreme opinions that you do. The conservative would say that if they are kofrim, then the tanaim and amoraim are kofrim since they base all of their 'halacha' on minority opinions in the Talmud.