Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just as I feared

Yesterday I posted about how happy I was that I ended up ignoring my own advice and voting Ichud Leumi.

My point was that the numbers worked out in such a way that Bibi would be forced to choose between a right wing coalition or a left wing coalition. If he chooses the right wing, then I am glad that I voted Ichud Leumi because they will keep him honest. If he chooses the left, then I am even more glad that I didn't give my vote to Bibi.

One of my fellow right-wing-fire-breathing-settler bloggers posted
twice yesterday regarding the situation. He seemed very convinced that Bibi would choose the right wing option. He even proposed a potential list of ministry portfolios.

I commented on his post, saying that he is getting ahead of himself. It is yet to be seen if Bibi will choose the option of a right wing coalition. He may very well choose a deal with the left. I told him that his portfolio list looked more like a right wing dream team than a realistic prediction.

Unfortunately, I think I may have been correct. Take a look at this article from the Jerusalem Post:

Consensus forming on Likud-led unity gov't with Kadima

This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. Like Moshe Feiglin always says, "In Israel, when you vote for the left, you get left, and when you vote for the right you get more left."

I have a very good friend who is older and wiser than me. I respect his opinion very much. A couple of days before the election, I asked him who he is voting for, he told me that he is not voting. He told me that after many years of experience in this country, he has come to realize that it makes absolutely no difference who you vote for in this country, you always get the agenda of the left wing. Therefore he decided that he doesn't want any part in the process and will be spending his day-off on election day praying and studying Torah. At least that has a chance of helping.

His words hit me very hard. Ultimately, I felt that to not vote at all is still wrong. But I decided to abandon my thoughts of voting Likud for strategic reasons and give my vote to the only party that I at least know I can trust.

I sure am glad now that I didn't vote Likud. My guess is that we are going to see Bibi form the worst kind of government possible. He will use his name as a right-winger to lend strength and authority to the positions and policies of the left. And this is at a time when we have Obama in the White House pushing Israel harder than ever to seal a suicide pact with the Arab world. I never would have forgiven myself if I had lent my vote to that.

I hope that I am wrong, but a rarely am.

In the end, as my friend said, we only have God Himself to rely on.


  1. I fear you are correct.

    I voted for Likud for strategic reasons and I am sorry I did.

    (At least - as a compromise - my wife still voted for Ichud Leumi)

  2. I am sorry to hear that. I just hope that my posts weren't what convinced you to vote Likud.

  3. Bibi has always struck me as a fellow whose aims and motivations are nationalist and ideological as opposed to religious. And yes, he is a neoconservative. So, do not be surprised ...