Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There is just too much going on for me to keep up!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted for over a week now. This is not because of a lack of things to post about. In fact it is just the opposite! The problem is that I have been much more busy than usual with my work over the last week and probably will continue to be so until Pesach.

I just couldn't let the whole week go by without addressing some of the issues that have come up this week so here it goes.

The Pope is visiting Jerusalem
...and the new mayor Nir Barkat is crossing his legs to keep from peeing himself from excitement. He is going to have the Kotel plaza scrubbed and polished to a shine. He is repaving all of the broken roads leading to the Kotel and the Mount of Olives where the Pope will hold mass. He is also having all beggars removed from the areas where His Evilness will visit.

This is the way that Israelis do things. They don't keep Jerusalem beautiful all year round for the sake of its residents, for the sake of tourism or just for God's sake. But when this scumbag wants to visit, instead of banning him as they should, they go and clean up the city in his honor.

Oops. Iran has enough Uranium for a nuke.

Jews need to get it through their head. Much, if not most of the world hates us! It is a historical fact. There is not a country on Earth where Jews have been and have not been persecuted at one time or another. What more need I say.

We need to stop relying on America as our great savior. They are standing by for years now watching Iran develop a nuke and doing nothing. If we want to have a country and survive we need to make it clear to the whole world that whoever messes with us will be sorry. Israel, one of the smallest nations on the face of the Earth also happens to have one of the strongest militaries on Earth. We need to let people like Ahmedinejad know that we have nuclear weapons and have no problem using them against any nation who's leaders even hint at attacking Israel.

We neeed to project an image of being hyper-sensitive to talk of killing Jews. I propose war against Iran immediately. And not one of these 'we are at war against the government of Iran not the people' kind of wars. There is no place for that. If the people of Iran don't like what their government is doing, let them rise up and stop it as they did only a few decades ago.

All of those Jew haters out there need to know that we don't care if you love us, but if you even look at us the wrong way it is you who will be wiped off the map.

Bibi just wants to be loved

Right after the elections, I wrote about the coalition that I expect Bibi to form. Shortly after that, I wrote that I was very afraid that he was going to go with a 'unity government'.

It is yet to be seen if my prediction was correct (let's all pray that it wasn't). But the events of the last week have proved beyond a doubt that my assessment of the situation was right on. Bibi is scared to death of a right wing government. There is nothing that he fears more, than being held accountable to carry out the right wing rhetoric that he preached during the campaign. He just won't stop kissing up to Tzippy Livni, trying to get her to join a 'unity government'.

The question that nobody asks is, "why?" What on Earth is good about a unity government? The whole point of democracy is that the people determine the path that their nation should take. Sometimes it leans to the left and sometimes to right. In this case the people of Israel elected 65 right wing Knesset members 28 centrists (Kadima) and only 27 leftists (of which 8 are Arab). The clear will of the people is a move to the Right! Yet Bibi, do to his own personal emotional issues, wants a unity government and that seems normal to people.

This essentially means that the people don't have the right to elect a Right-wing government. When companies do this we call it a cartel. When politicians do it we call it "Unity"!

There is so much more that I would like to write about, but I will have to leave it here and get back to work. Please stick with me for the next few weeks while I take care of business here. In the mean time, please remember to interact with the ads on the site if you see one that interests you. That will help my justify the time I am stealing from work.


  1. It is a shame that Jews have allowed the pope in instead of kicking him out just as they expelled us from their lands

  2. iran does not have enough uranium. i mean they have it but its not enriched enough, but its not such a big deal as russia primissed to enrich it for them. but in 2006 russia also promissed to provide them s-300. they never got it... so maybe uranium will take decade or even two and then israel and usa will be more powerful and will be able to prevent terrible cosiquences of iran nuclear agression.