Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank you all for making this blog worth writing!

I am a very busy person. I am the single bread winner for a family of 7. I generally work about 12 hours a day. That is why I started this blog.

Let me explain a little more. Like everybody else, I talk to different people throughout the day. I see customers at work. I see friends at Shul etc. etc. We talk about what all men talk about. That is mostly politics, religion, and sports. (I have no interest in sports so I stay out of those conversations.) I find that time and again, I hear generally smart people spewing the most idiotic drivel. Now if I was really smart, I would just ignore it and get to work so that I could end my day a bit earlier. The problem is that I have a very hard time listening to people say things that don't make sense without setting them straight.

I find that sometimes in the course of one week I have the same conversation with 3 or 4 people. When someone has twisted ideas, you sometimes have to recalibrate their whole way of thinking in order to set them straight on a single issue. This can take a lot of time.

That's why I started this blog. I had a hypothesis. I thought that maybe instead of having these discussions over and over again, I would post my ideas on a blog. My hope was that knowing that I was sharing the truth as I see it with hundreds of people would make it easier for me to hold my tounge in my personal interactions. This would free up a lot of time out of my week.

It has been a little over a month now since I started and I am here to report that my project is going very well. I am much more calm. I have more time to get my work done. And best of all, I rest easy knowing that I am getting out my ideas to many more people by shutting up and typing.

For all of this, I have you, my readers to thank. I check the stats on this blog regularly to boost my ego. If I would see that there were only 3 or 4 people reading, I would probably have to go back to my old method of converting them one at a time. But over the few weeks that I have been doing this, I have seen more and more people visiting, commenting, adding JudeaNow! to their feed readers and voting for me over at JBlog Central. In fact, thanks to you guys, I have had many of my posts be voted to number one for that day or week!

So if you like what I've been putting out so far, please keep visiting and keep voting. The more gratification my ego gets, the more frequently I will be motivated to post.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering what the picture has to do with this post, the answer is nothing, I just like it and thought I would give back a little by sharing it with you.


  1. Hi !
    what did you ask A7 to correct in Chabad/Ichud Leumi article ?
    Good blog but forget Feiglin ...
    Best, Avi

  2. The original headline read something like, "Chabad Rabbis endorse Ichud Leumi." The article implied that Rabbis representing the Chabad movement in Israel were endorsing that party.

    The fact is that several Rabbis, most of whom are from the non-mainstream messianic group within Chabad endorsed the Ichud Leumi. At the same time, the official Chabad Rabbinical court issued a letter encouraging people to vote for whichever party will fight the hardest for Torah values and keeping the Land of Israel intact. They made it clear that Chabad is a non-political movement and they didn't endorse any party.

    I left a comment correcting them and with a link to the official letter issued by Chabad. A few minutes later I noticed that they had corrected the story making it clear that it was a 'Chabad Faction'.