Saturday, December 27, 2008

Criminal Israeli Government Enters Gaza

Shabbat just ended a couple of hours ago here in Judea. Over Shabbat we heard rumors of the Israeli operation in Gaza. On the way home from shul I saw one of the neighboring families coming out of their house in the middle of their Shabbat meal. Their son was freshly dressed in his army uniform, with his M-16 and his backpack slung over his back. He was saying goodbye to his family before he ran to his car to return to his army unit from which he was given conditional leave for Shabbat. I guess he got the phone call to come back to his unit to assist in the Gaza op.

Seeing this really affected me. I have a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, nothing makes me prouder than to see our boys in uniform going to defend us from the evil terrorist in Gaza.
For years we have been watching rockets land in Israel and we all ask ourselves the same thing.... When will the government act? When will they finally go in to Gaza and put a stop to this? So to see boys from our village going to participate in this makes a warm feeling in my heart.

On the other hand, I know without any doubt that this operation will just be a waste of Jewish and Arab life. So far I am reading that over 200 Arabs were killed in Gaza. I haven't read of any Jewish casualties as a result of the opperation, thank God, but it is hard to believe that there won't be any. And what are all of these lives being sacraficed for? The sad answer is that it is just to raise Kadima's numbers in the polls before the elections.

We all know that this operation will last for a limited time. Then in a few weeks, or less, Israel will be back to sending daily deliveries of cash, food and oil to Hamas, as they have been doing for years. The rockets will return. Jews will continue to be terrorized. Arabs in Gaza will continue to live in a big prison. And what will have been accomplished? Nothing!

This is all because we are not ready to stop and think logically. Anyone who will anylize the big picture will come to only one, comprehensive, lasting solution to this situation. That is that Israel needs to be for Jews and the Arabs need to be sent to any one of their over 20 countries. Israel needs to then announce that this is our land and we are not interested in negotiating anymore. This will be good for everyone involved.

It will very good for us, and even better for the Arabs. People forget that the Arabs in Gaza are still living in refugee camps 60 years later. They are held prisoner there by the Arab countries that want to keep them there as a pawn for more reasons than I compare to discuss here.

Instead what we get from the criminals who run our government is half measure after half measure which brings very limited, temporary results which cost Jewish as well as Arab lives (many more Arab than Jewish thank God).

Here is a video of Rabbi Kahane debating our Dear Leader Ehud Olmert many years ago. It is amazing how truth never changes.

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