Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Italians from Italy. Greeks from Greece and Jews from...

Every time that I have a guest visiting our home in our little village here in the Judean Desert for the first time, I love to remind them of this.  

I explain that the reason that they and their whole family have always been known as Jewish no matter where they were is because over 2,000 years ago they originated right here in Judea.  Most all Hebrews from the other regions of the Holy Land were exiled by the Assyrians and are now know as the Lost Tribes of Israel.  The vast majority of those known today as Jews are from either the tribe of Judah or Benjamin (with a smattering of Cohanim and Leviim thrown in).  

Italians are from Italy.  Greeks are from Greece.  Jews are from Judea.  And our government wants to kick the Jews out and give it to the Ishmaelites.   Go figure!

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