Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Judea. Has the time come?

Is the state of Israel good for the Jewish people or has it become our enemy?  This is a pretty hard question to ask, but it is exactly what I have asked myself hundreds of times over the last few years.

Sometimes I look at this country of ours and am absolutely amazed at how much progress has been made here over the last 60 years.  At other times I can't figure out how it lasted even a few days with the childish leaders that are running it.  

God has done so many miracles for this little state.  We have won war after war despite all of the odds against us.  What do we give him back?  We pander to our enemies.  We return the Sinai to Egypt for a piece of paper.  We meet with Arafat and other terrorist and beg them to make piece with us.  The Oslo accords.  The disengagement.  etc...

And just when you start to think that maybe some of the good guys are getting ahead in this banana republic, Likud goes and knocks them down to the bottom of their Knesset list making it almost impossible for them to ever get in.  

Then I look around my little village in the 'West Bank'  and I see the most beautiful, holy, pure people in the world.  And I wonder if it wouldn't just be best to have a civil war and declare an independent state of Judea.

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