Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel Conspired with Abbas...Told You So

On Sunday I wrote a post, Handing Gaza to Mahmoud Abbas on a Golden Platter.  This morning found the following headline at the JPost:

The article essentially confirms that Israel has been coordinating this operation with H.D. Mahmoud Abbas.  This is a fatal mistake.  The world seems to think that Abbas is some kind of moderate just because he wears a suit and tie.  He is a Holocaust denier, a terrorist, commander in cheif of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and a very hard bargainer.  It is he who didn't allow Arafat to compromise in negotiations with Israel.  

What is even more important to remember is that he is not popular with his people.  When the 'Palestinians' had the chance to vote they elected Hamas overwhelmingly, not H.D Abbas.  And recent polls show that given the chance to vote today, they would elect Hamas again.  That means that even if we were to come to some kind of 'reasonable' agreement with Abbas, the people on the street would not honor it.  Ultimately they would vote H.D. Abbas out and Hamas in, leaving us with Hamastan in both Gaza as well as Judea and Samaria ('the West Bank').

Why do the band of clowns that are currently in power not see this?  Because they are blinded by the eternal question of 'What will the Goyim say?'.  Of course Tanach is full of this and what we see over and over again is that when we stand strong and trust in God, he protects us.  When we trust in the nations of the world, we lose every time.

God save us!

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