Sunday, December 28, 2008

Handing Gaza to Mahmoud Abbas on a Golden Platter

Last night I wrote a quick post explaining my opinion that the current Gaza operation will end up being another half measure which will end up sacrificing Jewish and Arab lives for the sake of a very short lived benefit.

I can't believe how naive I was.  I must have just been tired when I wrote that post.  This morning I read a headline at the Jpost that made me rethink the situation and realize that it is MUCH MUCH WORSE than I had thought:

Here is my new assessment of the situation:

The Left in this country, currently headed by Olmert, Livni and Barak want nothing more than to create a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as soon as possible.  The fact that this would require them to evict hundreds of thousand of the best citizens in this country from their homes doesn't seem to bother them too much.  For some reason, they believe that evicting terrorist Arabs would be ethnic cleansing and evicting Jews is just a necessary evil.  (Maybe it is because Jews have been ethnically cleansed so many times in history that it is just considered normal).

There has been one big obstacle that is stopping them from doing this.  That is the fact that most of the Arabs in this country support Hamas and Hamas, unlike H.D. Mahmoud Abbas, are honest terrorist.  They refuse to even recognize the state of Israel.  H.D. Abbas on the other hand is more pragmatic.  His strategy is to take what he can get now and then fight for more later from an expanded base.

Over the last months, Israel has taken many actions such as releasing thousands of convicted terrorist as 'goodwill gestures' to ' boost Abbas'.  Essentially, the psychotic leaders of this country who worship at the alter of the new Molech called 'Peace at all cost' are ready to do anything to put this Holocaust denier in power so that they can hand him a state on a golden platter.  Even if the Arabs don't want him.  

But nothing they have done seems to be working.  So now, in a desperate measure, in the last days before the election, they are going into Gaza and destroying Hamas' infrastructure in the hopes of propping up H.D.Mahmoud Abbas.  They hope to accomplish two things with this:

First, to hand Gaza over to H.D. Abbas.  Second, to boost Kadima's popularity before the upcoming election, so that they will be able to stay in power long enough to fulfill their dream of bringing the  ultimate sacrifice to the god of peace by creating a Palestinian state.

God save us!


  1. Barak will gain more from this than Kadima.

    I betchya that Bibi and Barak will probably join forces to squash Kadima.

  2. Jameel you may be right. To me there is really no difference between Barak or Kadima. They will both gain at the expense of the right.

    The main point that I am trying to make that I haven't really seen made elsewhere is that this is more than just a struggle to gain votes in the election. This is the lynch pin in their overall strategy to hand control over to Abbas so that they can give him a state. God forbid!